Friday, July 20, 2007

Watch This Space

(photo of me with some of my 8th grade girls last school year)
Part of what I need to do this school year is implement as much emergent technology as I can into my day to day teaching. I've just created my teacher website through a district website creator (not the most user friendly or flashy, but it does the job). Here is the link to that is a work in process. Eventually I hope to have a webcam in my classroom so you can stop in whenever you want and see us in action (parents can too!). A little weird, I admit, but worth experimenting with.

Another interesting aspect will be promoting one of the clubs I run at school. Wool Workers is a knitting/crochet service club - we knit/crochet for charity. If you would like to join us, check that link on my teacher page for updates, patterns, and ways to donate your wares.