Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What People are Saying about The Joy of Letting Go

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"Our hearts are always connected to our children, whether they are four or forty. In these fifty-two devotions, Vicki Caruana beautifully shows us that cutting the apron strings doesn't mean cutting the heart strings. This journey of letting go can be life-giving - for you and for your children."
Jill Savage, founder of Hearts at Home
     and author of No More Perfect Marriages

"Vicki lovingly mixes her sense of humor, wisdom, and insights together in such a way that I know my friends will love this devotional as much as I do. Even though my own children are forty, thirty-eight, and thirty-seven, and I have a grandson in the Air Force, the challenge to find joy in the letting go remains. This devotional helps moms of all ages do just that. I'll be picking up multiple copies as gifts."
Francine Rivers, author of Redeeming Love

"Part memoir, part inspiration, and thoroughly generous and kind. Vicki Caruana's friendly hand and spiritual touch will help parents who are reluctant to wave goodbye when much-loved children take wing."
Rachel Simon, New York Times bestselling author of The Story of Beautiful Girl
     and Riding the Bus with My Sister

"As a former educator and academic advisor, I wish I'd had this book to recommend to the parents of my high school seniors. It is much more than an empty-nest book - it is fifty-two counseling sessions to coach parents through the emotional and tangible challenges of launching their children. Bless your friends and family with this book - and then get one for yourself. It will be a dear companion as your child gets ready to head out on his or her own." 
Janet Holm McHenry, author of twenty books 
      and college coach at SeniorYear101.com

"We raise our children so that they will be ready to leave us when the time comes. But when the time comes, it's not as easy as it sounds. In these short, pithy gems of wisdom, Vicki Caruana offers guidance and advice drawn from her experiences as both a mother and an educator. Priceless."

Jennifer Kennedy Dean, executive director of  The Praying Life Foundation and numerous books and Bible studies

"Winsome stories coupled with experience and tried, tested, and proven perspective in the parenting marathon of life. Here you'll discover hard-won insights with just the right amount of humor as you make your way through its pages."
Julie Patrick-Barnhill, international speaker and author
     of She's Gonna Blow!

"Vicki Caruana is a master educator, skilled author, and wise mother, and she shares these gifts with us, showing us how to masterfully, skillfully, and wisely let our teens go. Her words paint pictures that linger, instruct, inspire, and illustrate how, and more imnportan, why, to love our kids with a tender release. Practical and poignant. A must-read for moms."
Lindsey O'Connor, journalist, radio producer, and author
     of The Long Awakening: A Memoir

"Wisdom and grace are beautifully woven together in the pages of Vicki Caruana's book The Joy of Letting Go. Emptying the nest is a season, not an event, and Vicki offers powerful insight on how to walk through it without clipping our young birds' wings, even as she validates the angst moms feel. The book is designed in fifty-two short chapters, perfect for bite-sized daily readings - but I read the book in two sittings during a particularly trying week in my own letting go process. I came away much more peaceful, standing in my decision to allow them to increase even as my role decreases."
Paula Moldenhauer, author of the
     Soul Scents devotional series