Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Let it Be: Letting Go for Lent

Tradition is important to me - spiritual and otherwise. I don't follow tradition as the rule of law; I follow it because it helps me to stay focused on what matters most. It's personal; not parochial.

I received ashes on my forehead today as I do every year on Ash Wednesday. It's usually not convenient to go to church during the week during the work day to follow this tradition. And it's so easy to just not do. But I find a way every year to do so.

Today I sit here 2000 miles away from my grown children and I wonder if they will receive ashes on their foreheads today. I know most likely that they won't. But I find myself wishing they would.

I sit on my hands willing myself not to text or message them on Facebook to see if they might. I want them to want to. I want them to cherish the same traditions I cherish - the same traditions I raised them in. And yet, I know, at this point, I need to let go of this desire.

Instead of sitting on my hands or using my hands to hold onto this tradition for my kids, I can let go and use these hands for better work.

I will put these hands together in prayer.
I will use these hands to work for and with others.
I will keep these hands open and ready to receive what God has for me.

Over the next 40 days I will practice the life-giving work of letting go. Would you like to join me?

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