Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ain't No Mountain High Enough?

Right now the mountain seems just too high to climb. I can't even imagine standing on its peak. Sometimes the road has been too long and the companions that started the journey with you fall by the wayside. You find yourself alone, tired, defeated, and still with a long way to go.

Is what is atop that mountain worth the climb - even if you do it alone? Are some mountains just too high? Are they unclimbable?

When I lived in Colorado, people from all walks of life attempted to climb the 14ers- these were the mountains part of the Rocky Mountain range that were at least 14,000 feet high. They made it their personal missions to climb all of them. Admirable.  But I still wonder why. Why you would choose to climb just for the sake of climbing?

There are children who struggle each and every day to climb the mountain of life - their life. It is fraught with obstacles and steepness that may be beyond their reach. Often, they have not chosen to climb their particular mountain. Yet it is there, in their way, every day. Who are their companions on this climb? I'm here to tell you that no one should climb alone. We all need a Samwise Gamgee to keep us on the right path; to stay even when we're not lovable; to protect us from ourselves; and even to carry us in the end if necessary.

I must admit that I am weary. I look at the top of the mountain I've been climbing for five years now and I can see its peak. But I'm having trouble finding the strength to keep going. Who is your Samwise Gamgee? Better question might be - for whom are you Samwise Gamgee? Maybe consider being a mentor to a child who is struggling in school this year. There are never enough. As an experienced climber, you can help that child make it to the top of their mountain.