Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Anniversaries

Anniversary celebrations (or just acknowledgments) can be bittersweet. But I like anniversaries better than birthdays. It's not a matter of being mindful of the day I was born, but how long something in my life has lasted that I prefer. I'm all about staying power!

Today is our wedding anniversary. Chip and I are married 22 years today.
But every year offers its own anniversaries - those that make me smile and those that make me weep. This year. . .

  • It's the 22nd anniversary of my wedding!
  • It's the 3rd anniversary of our move back to Florida.

  • It's the 4th anniversary of my mother's death.

  • It's the 2nd anniversary of owning my dream car!

  • It's the 23rd anniversary of my teaching.

  • It's the 30th anniversary of my first kiss.

  • It's the 19th anniversary of my daughter's death.

  • It's the 27th anniversary of my high school graduation.

  • It's the 5th anniversary of our first cruise!

  • It's the 38th anniversary of my salvation!

  • It's the 10th anniversary of our trip to Florence, Italy.

  • It's the 2nd annniversary of my first tattoo (yes, I hope to get another)

  • It's the 45th anniversary of my birth (you probably call them birthdays)

  • It's the 3rd anniversary of this particular blog.

    And. . .

    It's the 10th anniversary of my first book APPLES & CHALKDUST:Inspirational Stories and Encouragement for Teachers! A new updated version is about to be released!