Monday, June 16, 2008

The Intellectual Devotional

Summer learning isn't just for kids. Adults, too, can choose to stretch their couch potatoe minds a bit. One relatively painless way to do this is to read David Kidder and Noah Oppenheim's The Intellectual Devotional. Day by day, for just as long as it takes you to read about 500 words, you will increase your knowledge of topics from Aristotle to Zen and everything in between.

If you are a history lover, then you might want to spend some quiet time with their American History version as well.

I had the privilege to meet Kidder & Oppenheim in New York last year at the Book Expo convention. David Kidder is the son of a dear friend of mine, Virelle Kidder (a writer herself).

My hope is that you will, either individually or as a family, find time to read this summer. I'll offer some suggestions in future blog posts. Any suggestions you might have would be especially welcome along with stories of how you demonstrate a love for reading as a family.

Let's hear it!