Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mama Mia! Here I Go Again!

As of today I am officially a doctoral student at the University of South Florida. Two years ago I was accepted at Fielding Graduate University in their doctoral program, but it ended up not a good fit for me or my lifestyle. It was a distance learning program, and I discovered that I needed both the face-to-face support and accountability of a more traditional program in a brick & mortar institution. The best part about this new start is that I am coming home.

I received my B.A. from USF, my M.Ed from USF, and my certificate in Educational Leadership from USF. Always on the cutting edge of educational research and programming, USF will enable me to become what I hope to be - an agent of change in education.

It's been suggested to me to chronicle this journey on my blog. I hope to share with you the ups and downs of being a doctoral student. It is like nothing else I've ever experienced and understand why so few people undertake it. You have to really want it. You have to believe that it will take you where you want to go. The traits of long-suffering and perseverence will determine your success.

Let's hope I have enough of both!

Truth be told, this is my third start towards my doctorate. But even false starts are starts.