Friday, June 29, 2007

Ready to Learn Something?

I'd like to start something new this summer. Now, don't cringe. I'd like you to learn something.
Ready to Learn Something - about IVY LEAGUE?

According to The Free Dictionary:
The Ivy League is an athletic conference comprising eight private institutions of higher education located in the Northeastern United States. The term is now also commonly used to refer to those eight schools considered as a group. In a wider sense, it is used to refer to the social group once strongly associated with these schools.

I did not attend an Ivy League school, far from it, but I always wondered if my college experience would have been any different had I gone to Yale instead.

As I prepare our oldest for college next year, I wonder about his philosophy:

"It doesn't matter what college I go to. Graduate at the top of my class at USF or do mediocre at Harvard. I will be an excellent doctor regardless of where I graduate. That's a decision, a choice - where I learn what I need to learn is inconsequential," Christopher Caruana, age 17.

My son has the scores and GPA to get into an Ivy League school. He has a bazillion scholarship opportunities within his grasp. Yet, he's choosing to go to school 45 minutes from home. It's not what I would have done.

What about you? What does Ivy League mean to you?