Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Top Movies about Education - and the Golden Apple Goes To. . .

It's awards season in the movie business. Over the years I've used film to help prepare new teachers and to lift high the education profession. In order to be awarded the "Golden Apple," a film must meet the following requirements:

  • Be inspiring or motivating for both students and teachers
  • Portray teaching in a realistic, but not overly dramatic manner; not looking for shock value
  • Shows the teacher's growth as a professional - their "arc" should be the primary plotline
  • Setting should not be relegated to only inner city or poor schools; good teaching happens in all settings
  • Portray obstacles or challenges as something to overcome over time; no quick fixes
  • Portray the teacher as a "person" - multi-faceted and a many layered character; not the butt of jokes
  • Offers hope or redemption
You may notice that very few of these choices are recent - I'm still waiting for one that is not either demeaning to teachers, a comedy, or a sugary-sweet version of the real life of teachers. 

And the Golden Apple Goes To. . .