Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Move-in Day

It's move-in weekend here at the college where I teach. We're getting ready for hoards of families showing up in planes, trains, and automobiles. For many of our students, this is their first time away from home; many have never traveled beyond their neighborhoods. Everyone's a little nervous. There will be tears. Not unlike the day you let go of your child's hand on that first day of kindergarten, you worry about if they will be okay. Will they make friends? Will they eat well? Will they do well? We won't wonder if they will sleep at nap time because, duh, they're at college where sleep is both elusive and highly overrated.

We have some pretty sweet digs at my college for student housing. I know the students here will rest comfortably in their WiFi enabled, highly secure, spic and span clean (due to 3 times a week maid service) with black-out blinds dorm rooms or suites. The food here is incredible! And the views - to die for. What these freshmen don't realize is that these will be the best days of their lives. Once they graduate they won't be able to afford such a pristine accommodations on their meager starting salaries.

I wonder if they'll appreciate all their parents did to help them get here.
I wonder if they'll cherish the privilege (not a right) of a college education.
I wonder if they'll make the most of the lessons they learn, the chances they take, and the people they meet here.

Okay, and yes, their parents are also wondering.

They wonder if they'll find a job when they graduate.
They wonder how large their debt will be when they graduate.
And they wonder, is it worth it?

But I promise you - parents aren't wondering those things today - move in day. They're wondering as they unload that last box and then drive away without their precious cargo - when will I see my baby again?

Hopefully you won't have to wait until Christmas break. But if you do, remember they're only a text away! ;)