Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The HEART and Craft of Teaching

Gustave Baumann, 
My newest book released today - The Teacher's Bible - and as a teacher educator I strive to prepare more than the minds of new teachers, but their hearts as well. Teaching has been described as being part art and part craft. I believe it is about HEART and craft. I can teach you all the technical aspects of how to teach children, but if your heart isn't in it, then you won't make a difference. The hand (our behaviors, our actions) follow the direction of our heart. For better and for worse. 

You can trace back to what a person believes to be true based on their actions. I wrote 30 devotions encouraging teachers to allow their faith to lead their actions as a part of a bible formatted specifically for teachers. If you already rely on your faith to direct your steps, this is confirmation for you. If you don't, these devotions can encourage you to allow your heart to lead. 

Education is all about relationship. Nurture those relationships with your faith and they will be strong.

I invite you to share this bible with teachers you know - whether they are veterans, beginning teachers, or newly minted college graduates. The heart matters. Let the teachers in your life know you believe that too.