Friday, May 01, 2015

2, 4, 6, 8 Who Do You Appreciate? Win a Book for Your Favorite Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day - May 5.

May 5 is Teacher Appreciation Day! There are many gifts you can get for your favorite teacher, but the gift of encouragement goes a long way. 

Enter to win a copy of the best-selling book to encourage teachers - Apples & Chalkdust.

All you have to do is FOLLOW the APPLES & CHALKDUST blog and then post in the comments of this post what you appreciate most about your favorite teacher (or your child's teacher) in 250 words or less. 

We will announce the winner on May 8 and then spotlight your favorite teacher on this blog.

It's that easy!

Enter today and show your appreciation for your teachers. They are in sore need of it these days.