Thursday, March 15, 2012

Show & Tell: How Our Bad Behavior Can Ruin it For Our Kids

When I taught elementary school AND when my boys were in kindergarten, one of our favorite things was "show and tell." Children carefully choose what to bring to show and then try to tell the class all about it. It's funny though because most of the time kids don't care what you have to say - they will crowd around to see what is cupped in your hands - it's all about the SHOW.

Parenting is like that. We model for our kids every day how to do this thing we call life. They may not always be listening, but rest assured, they are always WATCHING.

This week our city cancelled the annual Easter egg hunt because over the past couple of years "It sort of got out of hand." Aggressive parents have ruined it for all it seems. In an attempt to make sure their children get more eggs than anyone else, most kids get none. Even from afar you can see parents lead their kids to the treasure and nudge them to hiding places.

One disappointed father put it this way - “What kind of role model are you as a parent if your actions are cancelling an event your child is going to remember for the rest of your life?” Mr. Greene said.

And that's the point. We put on a show for our kids every day. They are watching so closely. It's humbling, I admit. And as a teacher, the same is true. Teachers are role models for their students.

So what did you bring for Show & Tell today? Remember, the power always is in the show!