Thursday, June 11, 2015

Still Looking for a Great Summer Camp Experience?

Did you sign your children up for summer camp back in March when you were supposed to? If not, there's still time to find something fabulous. Summer camps have truly transformed from the typical songs around the campfire, crafts, and outdoorsmanship activities to very specific, talent-developing sleep-away experiences.

Does your child HAVE to go to summer camp? No. Not at all. But if you have the opportunity and ability to financially support your child’s interests and talents, a summer camp experience might be a good way to give them an opportunity to either explore or further develop their talent outside of the school environment.

Sports and the Arts are two of the most popular types of summer camps. Many of which are held on the campuses of colleges and universities across the country. 

The Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) meets the needs of parents and teens alike with customized programs that inspire self-discovery, instill leadership, encourage creativity and provide an exciting environment for learning. Their variety of courses and activities allows students to follow their passions or try something new in the areas that interest them most all while having fun.

After a successful tennis career, competing professionally on the international tennis tour including Wimbledon and the Italian and French Opens, tennis mogul Julian Krinsky founded JKCP to help kids and teens refine tennis skills while enjoying an amazing summer experience. Today (35 years later), JKCP is a world leader in summer programs offering over 20 specialized experiences from sports and arts camps for middle school students to pre-college academic programs and summer internships for high school students. Teens travel from all over the country (and world) to attend JKCP, with students from over 35 states and 40 countries in 2011.

Whether students are looking to fine tune their skills, try new things, or meet friends from around the world, JKCP has the program to meet their interests and needs. Programs include, sports, fitness, art,  architecture, science, technology, classical music, digital media, production, business, leadership, internships, pre-college and SAT prep, cooking, fashion design, dance, yoga, photography, Spanish, and much more.

Programs are held at prestigious private colleges in Philadelphia such as Villanova, UPenn, Haverford and the Curtis Institute of Music, so students also get a sample of the college life experience - in the dorm, in the dining hall, on campus, and meeting new friends from around the world. Tuition includes housing, meals, weekday trips, and activities.

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