Sunday, April 12, 2015

5 Questions Tired Teachers Need to Ask

It's never to late to set new goals. It may be April, but from what I can tell, teachers are tired. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint what you really need. Do you need more sleep? Maybe you want to eliminate behavior problems in your classroom. Maybe you need to find more time for your family. Have you taken on too many responsibilities and aren't doing any of them well? Are you having difficulty finding time just for yourself? Take time to identify what hinders you from finding rest and renewal. There may be a variety of obstacles, but if you had to choose the one hindering you the most, what would it be?

Emotions can get in the way of your quest for rest. One way to approach the problem objectively is to define it succinctly after you've identified it. For example, use this phrase: "In what ways might I?" The following questions may help you:

  • In what ways might I carve out quiet time during the school day?
  • In what ways might I get home earlier to my family each night?
  • In what ways might I regain a sense of peace with students in my classroom?
  • In what ways might I keep in better contact with parents?
  • In what ways might I build more positive relationships with colleagues?
Put into words your goals for rest using this format. You may find more than one thing is bothering you. Can you identify each as being a mind, body, or spirit need or desire? If you have more than one, keep in mind it's more effective to work on one at a time. Prioritize your goals.