Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Than a Full Time Job

Once in a while I need to rant - this is one of those times. . .

A recent article reported that teachers are paid too much - more than they are worth.

Wow. . . Really? Wow. . .

I have to admit that this left me speechless - for a minute!

I'm going to ask right now. I need a show of hands!

How many of you grade papers - at night or on the weekend?

How many of you plan lessons - at night or on the weekend?

How many of you stay after school or come in early to get it done?

How many of you attend evening extra-curricular activities, school sporting events, dances, presentations, school improvement meetings, and/or professional development workshops?

How many of you meet with parents after school hours because they can't come during the day?

How many of you take college courses at night to keep your teaching licenses current? And pay out of your own pocket?

How many of you are teaching something you weren't prepared to teach because there is no one else to teach it?

How many of you tutor students before or after school?

How many of you coach soccer, football, cheerleading, drama, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and Odyssey of the Mind clubs after school for a "modest" stipend (maybe $200/year)?

And all of these are not considered "service" - they are a part of the job that occur OUTSIDE of school hours - without pay.

I'm just sayin'