Friday, March 11, 2011

No Applications, Only Commitments!

I took a tour of the web to see how various institutions handle teacher recruitment. What are we doing to attract people to the field - a field that is under fire! A field that is often misunderstood, yet everyone seems to have an opinion about. A field that some people enter by default, while others plan for their entire lives.

I found a variety of recruitment approaches. Some were pretty touchy, feely. Others were bland and almost apologetic. And some tried to add some glitz and glamor to the image of teaching - like the image above. But do we really need "rock star teachers"? Rock stars are just that - "stars." They do not work well with others. Rock stars aren't the most reliable or appropriate role models. I'm not lovin' the image being branded by this recruitment ad.

Then I saw another ad, and this one nailed what I think about those who we recruit as teachers.

"No Applications, Only Commitments!" This is the Marine's new slogan. And it's powerful!

If you're not ready to sacrifice and work hard, don't let the door hit you on the way out! If you want a challenge, a test of your abilities, and a chance to change the world, then teaching is for you! If you want loan forgiveness, then teach:

English for Speakers of Other Languages
Exceptional Student Education Programs (ESE)
This ESE certification area also includes:
• Autism
• Emotionally Handicapped
• Hearing Impaired
• Mentally Handicapped
• Physically Impaired
• Specific Learning Disabled
• Speech and Language Impaired
• Varying Exceptionalities
• Visually Impaired
Foreign Languages
Middle and High School Level English/Language Arts
Middle and High School Level Mathematics
Middle and High School Level Science
Technology Education - Industrial Arts

We may not have enough teachers, but we're not beggars. Beggars can't be choosy. Not only can we be choosy, but it's up to you to sell to me that you are ready to make a commitment.

Our children deserve that at the very least!

Let's kick it up a notch! Make a commitment - Teach!