Monday, March 28, 2011

Do Gifted Education Strategies Work for All Students? Yes, They Do!

In a recent article in, experts are asking whether the teaching strategies used by teachers with gifted students might work with all students?

I've always thought they do. In fact, in my own classrooms, whether I taught students with learning disabilities or students in a traditional average or below average classroom, I've used gifted strategies It always made a difference.

I would go further though and tell you that as a parent, you can employ many of these strategies yourself with your children at home and it will help all of you find a more "excellent way."

Giving Your Child the Excellence Edge offers parents just that - 10 ways, all from gifted education strategies, that lead to success.

Don't wait for your child's teachers to learn how to improve your child's achievement in school. You can give them what they need today - now!

Click here for a discussion guide for the book. Gather some friends together and learn what it takes to give your child the excellence edge!