Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson!

It's Teacher Appreciation week and I encourage you to take some time to appreciate the teachers you had THEN and NOW.

As I searched images to show you something that depicted the power of a teacher as a role model, I realized I already had one that was perfect from my own personal images. 1969, first grade, me and Mrs. Robinson!

That was the year I decided I wanted to be a teacher too.

What was it about Mrs. Robinson that caused me to look up to her in such awe? I was happy. Can you tell? But what I remember and what this picture shows is that SHE saw ME! I wasn't just one more student in her class. I wasn't a head to be filled with knowledge. When she looked at me, I knew she really saw me.

Being known and loved anyway - precious.

As teachers we are role models. But it's the power in our ability to build authentic relationships with our students that makes the difference. Six year old, little redheaded girls, don't look up to statuesque, confident teachers because of their hairdo's or because of their smarts. We're in awe of their heart-warming ability to see through the failed math test, the not so perfect handwriting, and the stumbling over three syllable words during reading and into the people we are.

So, here's to you, Mrs. Robinson. You loved me more than I will ever know. Thank you for being the model I follow!

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