Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heart Song

"Blessed are they who heal us of self-despising. Of all services which can be done to man, I know of none more precious" - William Hale White
Beth was considered a top vocalist in the choir.

The year had been hectic, and she didn't put her normal preparation into a difficult piece she was to perform for a major competition. Her life as a senior was incredibly busy, and she just didn't devote the time she needed in rehearsal.

When her time came to perform, she forgot some of the words and didn't receive her usual high rating.

Beth felt awful.

Beth's choir director offered words of consolation on the bus on their way home. Those words only seemed to intensify the guilt she felt. She not only let herself down, but felt she had let her director and choir down.

After the others got off the bus, Beth burst into tears. She sobbed with her head down, knowing she had not done her best. She felt a hand on her back and looked up to see her director with tears in his eyes, too.

His tears brought healing to Beth's heart.

She knew by his words that he believed she could do better next time, but she knew by his heartfelt concern that he would be there to help her.

More than any other thing, your heartfelt and compassionate acts toward your students will lift defeated hearts.

Reveal your heart, and heal a soul.

I wrote this piece in homage to my high school choir director from 30 years ago. The sentiment is accurate although the details of the event are changed. As a teacher you have an opportunity to touch the future - Mr. Vines touched mine and I'm blessed to have been able to tell him so in person! 
12/24/10 Vicki and Mr. Jimmy Vines ( my choir director 1977-81)