Saturday, October 09, 2010

Bridge the Gap

Can you imagine being the foreman of these bridge construction crews? After all that work; after all that money; after all that time - finding out just when it matters most that you didn't have the same end in mind! Look closely and you will see the finger-pointing from one side to the other.

All they wanted to do was to meet somewhere in the middle. All they wanted was to overcome the waters that separated them. All they wanted to do was bridge the gap.

Parents and teachers - we're trying to bridge the achievement gap in our nation's schools. The problem is that we're not talking, not planning together. We're each building our own side of the bridge. Has anyone really surveyed the expanse? Right now we're all doing a lot of finger-pointing. And the gap is as wide as ever.

Building bridges is not a competition. It's a cooperative act. In order to do it right, you need to do it together.

Ask anyone who builds with Legos. They'll tell you their bridges always meet in the middle.