Friday, September 04, 2009

Storm Surge

Where I live in Florida, it's hurricane season. Even though, thus far, we've been spared from the damaging wind and rain that comes with this season, we haven't escaped the storm.

School started two weeks ago and I've accepted a new position this year. But I'm not the only one. In fact, at my middle school there are 30 new teachers to our building. Add to that a new magnet program for gifted students. Add to that a new principal. What you get when you combine all of these "disturbances"?

Hurricanes form over warm waters. The high pressure draws up the warm water and creates heat. It swirls and grows and as long as there is heat to feed it, it continues to grow. The larger the storm, the more damage it can do.

There is anxiety, uncertainty, uncomfortable ambiguity and even some anger right now in my district and my school. These warm waters are feeding a growing storm. I want to be a piece of energy that helps dissipate the storm. But how?

According to meteorologists, a hurricane will rapidly decrease and fall apart, when it is deprived of the driving force of the warm water from which it is fueled.
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If we deprive the growing storm in our school of the driving forces that's been fueling it, then it may dissipate. We need to cool down those way too warm waters.

Choose grace instead of grumbling.
Choose patience instead of pet peeves.
Choose acceptance instead of arrogance.
Choose peace instead of paranoia.

Drop the temperature and the storm subsides.

At least this is a storm we have control over.