Thursday, August 16, 2007

#8 Look Ahead and Forget What's Behind

Every year is a clean slate, a new beginning. Let go of last year.

#8 Look ahead and forget what’s behind – Our feet go where our eyes look. There are probably disappointments, frustrations, or real failures in your past that you’ve taken with you into this new teaching experience. Maybe last year you taught fifth grade and now they want you to teach 2nd grade. This can be alarming if you don’t feel equipped. Maybe you had a class full of kids who just wouldn’t sit still last year. It colors the way you look at the prospect of this year’s class. God calls us to run the race before us forgetting those things behind. Each class is new. Make sure you erase the board completely with no trace of what was written before. That way you and your students will see only what you write on their hearts today.