Tuesday, August 14, 2007

#6 Learn How to Love the Unlovable

We don't get to choose our students (or our families for that matter). And since every student is someone's child, we need to make an effort to care.

#6 Learn to love the unlovable – When we teach, we teach everyone placed in our care: the compliant and the defiant, the fidgety and the still, the hard workers and the lazy susans. Sometimes it’s hard to care about those who don’t seem to care about us or the class we teach. Yet, they are the ones who need us the most. Be willing to bless those who may curse you and pray for those who drive you crazy. You may be the only one in their life who exemplifies Christ to them. And if you still have trouble loving them, ask God to love them through you with every word and deed. Go be a blessing and you will be blessed.