Thursday, August 06, 2015

Back to School: 10 Tips for Teachers

Teachers go back to work shortly. I have 10 tips to help make this the best year ever. If you know a teacher, pass this along. If you are a teacher, tell us what helps you get ready for the new year.

#1 Always begin with the end in mind

We start teaching with that first day in mind. We plan, we prepare, and we bring all of our enthusiasm to the task. But when you teach, you teach for the duration of your assignment. What do you hope your students will gain from you by the time the year is over? What truth do you want them to cling to? What understanding do you want them to gain? If you want them to grow in character, what will you do in the beginning that leads them to that eventuality? If you want them to master your content, what will you do to ensure their success? Plan today what you want to happen tomorrow.