Thursday, July 16, 2015

Game of Life

I finally got used to our oldest son, Christopher, at age 17 1/2, driving me around. It took me some time and some relaxation techniques (breathing, meditation, etc.) to sit with a smile on my face as he drove through the congested Tampa Bay area roads. Then, it was his younger brother's turn. Charles was about to be 16 and had his learner's permit. He was very anxious to drive and so he begged me daily to let him take me places so he could practice. I had to go to the doctor to get my right arm checked out (tendinitis) and he had graciously offered to take me. Basically, this is what I'd been waiting for since they were born, but here it was on my doorstep and the milestones just kept on coming, whether I was ready or not.

The years of "launching" were just as jam packed with changes as when they were 0 to 5 years old. It seemed like every week there was something new to watch them encounter, master, and grow from. Girlfriends, driving, jobs, SAT's, college applications and visits, and much, much more. Since my boys are only 18 months apart, their individual milestones piled on top of each other like their diapers when they were little! It drove me just a little crazy, but I dared not take my eyes off the road because in a moment, they'd be gone.

Sunday is family day in our house, even though the boys both worked and we went to church in the evenings. Tonight we'll slow down just a bit and play a board game. We used to love playing LIFE, but now we live LIFE. Maybe we'll play cards instead.

What milestones in your children's lives make you realize you're running out of time with them?