Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Facing the Finish Line

They're dropping like flies at my school! Students and teachers alike struggle to keep it together until the last day later this week.
Administrators have no more patience in their reserves and students who push it to the limit are being suspended for the rest of the year without a second thought. Some teachers are taking "mental health" days at a time where it's almost impossible to find a substitute. It's like I can see the finish line but with every step forward we take two back.

Why does it seem so hard to "finish well"? Why is it almost impossible to convince people to "stay the course" and "push through the pain" so they can cross the finish line in triumph?

We limp over it instead, if we make it there at all.

The thing is, some of us do push through the pain and pace ourselves so that we can sprint to the end. My words to those of you who do that are to help along those of us who fall or are just too weary to finish on our own.

Who can you offer a hand to today and help finish the race? Even if it means slowing your own pace. Deep inside, we'd all like to finish well. Some of us just don't know how.